Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting It All is out!

My new book in the CoveHaven erotic Romance series is out!

For years the available ladies of CoveHaven have attempted to get handsome widower MATT BARTHOLOMEW back into the dating game. A 'secret admirer' gift seems to have finally re-awakened his interest in the opposite sex. The local town hottie, CHRISTY SWANSON, proposes an informal contest to see who might first bed him among herself, DOROTHY ARDMORE, Matt's pre-marriage flame and a widow herself, and the young and enthusiastic, but socially inept, LUCY DRAKE. Sexual adventures among the group, abetted by an enterprising newcomer to the town, a muscular young masseur, arouse long-hidden fears and fresh appetites. All ends happily—after all it's a red-hot CoveHaven Menage—but with whom and in what combination? 

Do check it out at Secret Cravings Publishing for a steamy excerpt!

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